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Blue Water

Areas of Expertise

Counselling & Psychotherapy

I use a combination of all the modalities that I have learnt including my own using the Metatron's Code of shifting maladaptive intergenerational beliefs that are underlying patterns of a person's thinking and behaviour that affects the way that person interacts with the world and people around them. 

Conversational Intelligence

A seemingly simple act such as talking with a colleague  a small momentary exchange of words in a hallway - has the ability to alter someone’s life permanently. Phrases like “You can’t do that!” and “If only you knew how!” may take only seconds to utter, but they can be life changing. There is little connection between the time it takes to say the words and the impact they may have on a person, a relationship, or within an organization.

Conversations have the ability to trigger emotional reactions. Words carry baggage; they are rarely neutral. Words carry a history of years of use. Each time another experience overlays another meaning, and it all gets collected somewhere in our brain - 'the vault' - it’s there, ready to be activated during a conversation.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy & NLP

We use a combination of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and NLP to correct negative patterns of thought about the self and the world around us.  We challenge the thoughts to alter unwanted behaviour patterns and/or treat mood disorders like depression and anxiety. 

My Approach

The words I commonly hear from my clients is that I am not like other counsellors they worked with.   I do have an unusual approach that combines my own modality that I published in the book Metatron's Code and the other modalities I have studied.  I am passionate about learning therefore am continuously adding to my toolbox of skills. 

I believe that we can co-create to bring intergenerational patterns to awareness and "update the programming" so we can run off the latest software!   I use the analogy that we are like iPhone 13's still running off iPhone 4 software that was perfectly appropriate when we developed it in the formative years between 0 and 7!  This programming is not set in stone therefore we can easily change it to work for is in a way that works for us now and in the future. 


I have extensive experience working with trauma, PTSD and relationship complications.  I counsel individuals in a addiction centres, in private practice and love to work with groups and run workshops.  

Please feel free to reach out with any questions, suggestions and/or concerns. 

I am looking forward to working with you! 

Marie Martin 

Marie Martin Counselling
My Approach
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